As a working woman, mother and 61 year old grandmother, I decided that the aging process needs nutritional guidance. I choose to enter Terri Blair’s Nutrition & Wellness Works Program. She has encouraged me to make better food and drink choices while juggling the multi-task jobs daily emotions of life. Terri’s program suits me best because her monthly monitoring meetings encourage me to find ways to take small progressive steps towards better eating, drinking and vitamin supplement habits. She gives me insight regarding my personal intake urges through food tracking, calorie counting and daily journaling. This intelligent approach to health is setting me on a course that I believe will last the rest of my life. I am grateful for the gentle care Terri has shown me, and recommend her program to people who a ready to make a life shift for the better.
— Margaret P

I had been working out and dieting for many months with no success. It was incredibly frustrating. Terri worked out a nutrition plan that jump started my weight loss and got me on the road to my goal of increased energy.
— Amy B

Given my 42 years of battling with my body, I did not have confidence that I could overcome negative thought and eating cycles. I am always crunched on time and don’t have money, energy, or down time, to waste on something that doesn’t deliver. Terri Blair utilizes a program that relies on healthy eating of whole and fresh foods, but with a twist - she’ll guide you towards certain food and beverages, and away from others, resulting in what she calls “metabolic balance” which I call “the absence of Jonesing for M&M’s,” and feels so much better.
— Ellen C