Nutrition has always been close to my heart. I first became aware of how food affected my life as a chubby middle-schooler who wanted to become a thin, high school cheerleader. However, it was not until college that I started to understand how eating correctly affected my mood. For a long time, I endured the side effects of low blood sugar levels - sweatiness and jitters - thinking that's just how I was. When I discovered that eating six small meals, with protein, throughout the day made these problems disappear, I was utterly inspired. This light bulb moment motivated me to study nutrition and wellness so I could help other individuals like myself. To this day I always carry six emergency almonds in my purse.

Nutrition counseling is my passion. I love helping people understand their food concerns and creating programs for healthy change. In fact, I love everything about food! My favorite indulgences include Copper River salmon, an occasional glass of red wine, and gluten free baking with chocolate. I get a kick from talking about how proper food combinations and proportions can help individuals feel great performing in and off the field. I could talk about food for hours; thank goodness I'm in a career where I can do that.

Whenever you are ready for a health change, I can guide you on a path to a new life. Think about it for a few moments: You probably already know what you want to change about your eating habits. I can help make the transition smoothly and, most importantly, deliciously.